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How do we get to the American Sports Academy at Buenaventura?

 Campers fly into Tocumen Airport in Panama City and then are driven on air-conditioned, chaperoned bus to Buenaventura, which is a 90 minute drive.

Are there safety issues involved in visiting the Panama?

Panama is one of the safest countries in Latin America.   As with any country, including the United States, this depends upon where you travel.   The American Sports Academy resides entirely within the gates of the Buenaventura Resort, which is an entirely safe complex with excellent security in place and very little worries about safety.

How about campers and medical issues?

We have our own medical staff on board, and this is supplemented by the Buenaventura medical facilities and staff.

What type of food can be expected for campers?

All meals will be prepared by the culinary staff of the Buenaventura Resort and the food is tremendous!  The variety, quality and preparation is a bit beyond normal camp food!

How do we communicate with campers?

Unlike many camps, we allow campers to have cell phones.  However, the use of the phones is limited to certain areas and certain times of the day.   Thus, communication is open and campers can call during their free time.  There are also areas to use computers for email, etc..

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