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Your family needs a VaCAMPtion!

May 8, 2017

Over our 30 years as Camp Directors Caroline and I have spoken to thousands of potential camp families.   There are hundreds of different questions that come about- some standard like “How is the food?” and “Are there showers in the bunks?” and then some a little different, like “Can my son bring his own tv, refrigerator and microwave?”


Yeah… seriously.   The main thing that always comes through in our talks with parents is their concern about their child being away from them, in a new environment that they are unfamiliar with and that they cannot control.  They cannot step in to help from miles and miles away and the often unspoken question is simply “Will my child be okay?”


Of course all good camps have everything in place to make sure the child will be okay and will actually make friends, enjoy the activities and thrive during their stay at camp.   However, the parents cannot see, touch, or feel that until the child actually experiences it.   


Many families are unable to make the jump.   In fact, though parents sometimes say “my child is not ready” some are actually more to the point and say “I am not ready!”


This problem is exacerbated when the parents are trying to find time to get away for their own vacation.  Time restraints dictate that if they are going to go on a vacation of their own it would best fit into that time where the children are away at camp.  The increased distance and logistical concerns adds an emotional component and an extra burden to the already tough planning process.  How can we enjoy our time away if we are anxious and concerned about our child the whole time?


We are fortunate at the American Sports Academy to be able to offer the perfect solution to this problem.   Your family most likely is in need of an ASA “VACAMPTION”.


Just as it sounds, a Vacamption it is the best of both worlds.  Camp for your children and vacation for the parents!  The best of the American summer camp experience for the kids and a vacation at a five star seaside resort for the parents.   Neither experience has to be any different than if you both went off in separate directions.  The difference here is that campers and parents can see each other as much, or as little, as they both want during the stay.  However, both parties have the reassurance of being right there and knowing that everything is “okay” from both ends (yes, your children do also worry about you when they’re away).   


You will KNOW that your child’s food is outstanding and that they have showers in their JW Marriott “bunks”, while you enjoy golf, tennis, terrific restaurants and 12 miles of Pacific Oceanfront and have the time of your life on your own vacation.  


Your child will be in camp, choosing their activities from a wide variety of options on our menu, including professional sports instruction, cultural immersion, community service, educational opportunities, and, most importantly, just plain FUN!   


If you want to see each other during the day there will be Parent-Child Tennis & Golf Tournaments, shared beach time, and check in at every meal, if requested.   These are all options and not requirements, and the planning and scheduling is entirely the choice of the family.


It has always been nice to hear parents say to us, “Your camp sounds so nice, I wish I could come!”   Well, now you can!   For more information on your next Vacamption please go to http://www.asacamp.com/family-options







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