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ASA: All Sporting Abilities

March 27, 2017

The American Sports Academy - Reach the Next Level... whatever level that may be!





Over my 30 plus years of working at Kutsher’s Sports Academy, and now at American Sports Academy, one question that consistently comes up when speaking with parents is “will my child be good enough?” Our reputation is such that we have produced many good athletes over the years and that, coupled with the words “Sports Academy” give people the impression that our program is cut-throat competition, only for those who are already talented and accomplished.

In fact, nothing is further from the truth. KSA brought in, as does ASA today, campers who enjoyed playing sports and simply wanted to improve in the sport(s) of their choice. This runs from beginner to expert, and because we are an elective program campers often will choose to pick up a new sport while at camp, as a beginner, to go along with those that they already have experience playing.

Our goal is to offer professional coaching to all levels, and to do that each camper has to be comfortable playing and learning with other campers on the same plane. Therefore, all of our programs have a beginning phase, an intermediate phase and an expert phase to them. Campers progress during the summer with the aim being that they take home the training and skills and continue to improve.


Our three children all attended camp their entire lives, each beginning as a camper at six years old. At that stage of life a parent is naturally concerned that their child not be thrust into an environment where they feel pressured and uncomfortable. Our format allows campers to choose which sports and activities they wish to participate in, and no camper is forced to take part in any area in which they have no interest. As a basketball player and coach, many thought I would be disappointed when our youngest son displayed no interest in basketball during his first three summers as a camper. He instead chose the waterfront, mountain biking and salamander hunting (not an official elective) and I was fine with that. At eleven years old, basketball became his main focus and he continues to play and love the game today, but that was his natural progression and choice, and that is the way it is for all of our campers.

One thing that helps greatly is our “Junior Academy” philosophy, which entails making the sports FUN for the campers at the early stages. Of course sports continue to be fun throughout the years, but adding “Duck, Duck, GOOSE!” while dribbling on a basketball court or “Steal the Bacon” while kicking a ball on a soccer field is a natural attraction to 7-10 year olds and these things enable us to introduce the sports in a gentle manner and keeps the campers interested while at the same time developing their skills.


So, YES, ASA is for all levels and we welcome beginners, intermediates and experts in all of our sports and activities! It is truly a joy to watch campers come back year after year and progress through the ranks, and the best aspect to all of it is having them describe the coaching they received as professional, invaluable and...very, very FUN!

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