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25 Things Only Camp Counselors Will Understand

September 20, 2016


Is it time for camp yet?


1. Receiving care packages is one of the greatest pleasures in life.


2. You have a never ending supply of tie-dye shirts.

 And you're damn good at making them too. 


3. You are an absolute expert when it comes to capturing group selfies.

4. You’ve had the best sleep of your life in bunk beds.


5. Your handwriting has vastly improved over the years spent at camp.

6. You have about 179 t-shirts from camp and you could never get rid of any of them.

7. Some of your favorite memories involve sitting around a log fire.

8. You have no qualms about doing undesirable chores — you’re used to it.

9. You are as organized as they come.

10. And over the years, you’ve learned exactly how to pack to prepare for any situation.

11. NO ONE can re-design a t-shirt like you can. No one.


12. And crafts? Forget about it. You were born to make crafts.

13. While at camp, you barely spoke to the “outside world.” You were too busy enjoying every moment.

14. You feel pretty much prepared for anything the “real world” throws your way because you’ve been through camp training.

15. When you were not at camp, you were either thinking about camp or planning for the next year.


16. And there was a countdown to camp that happened every single year.

17. You have never been afraid of making fun of yourself or being as goofy as possible.

18. You’ve done just about every single “job” there is while being a camp counselor.

19. You still have your name tag from camp, and probably always will.

20. Some of your closest friends in life were fellow camp counselors.


21. You’re the best at creating costumes quickly with little resources.

22. You always ended up with the BEST tan lines.


23. You’ve kept all the notes you’ve received from campers over the years.

24. You are unable to stop yourself from making hand motions during every moment of your life.


25. And the time spent being a camp counselor was some of the best times of your life.



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